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NNR Education

The Education Department is home to a 1930's 'Railway Cottage' which is used as an essential learning tool within our workshops as a period 'living experience.'

Originally built by the Great Eastern Railway Company in 1899, the five compartments third class commuter carriage ran from London Liverpool Street on the East London line, and was sold out of service in 1930. Eventually purchased by the Allen Family, the carriage was transported to a smallholding plot at Kerdiston, Norfolk, where it joined another out of service railway carriage to become the family home 'Glenhome.'

NNR Education

When the last owners decided to construct a new house on the site in 2010, the carriage was donated to the North Norfolk Railway.

After a full restoration funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the carriage and surrounding land have been 'taken back in time' to recreate a Railway carriage cottage and garden as it may have looked in the 1930's. This unique project highlights a much-forgotten part of our social history and demonstrates a way in which many people lived between the two world wars and beyond.

The Railway cottage features heavily in many of our education workshops where it is home to our fictional family Billy Gallant, a platelayer employer by the M&GN Railway, his wife Flo and their three children Elizabeth, 'Little' Billy and baby Rose.

The Cottage is set out exactly as it would be if the family was residing there. Each drawer, shelf, and cupboard are filled with the everyday items used by the Gallants. Billy's 'Great War' memory tin includes his medals, photographs, the cap badges that he swapped with his comrades in the trench and even the pieces of shrapnel from his 'Blighty' wound. The family's pantry houses an array of stored items including Flo's handmade bottled produce, and in the children's room, you can even find their collection of shells and stones gathered from Weybourne Beach on a special day out.

The cottage is also open to the public on selected weekend and weekdays. (please note the cottage is opened and manned by volunteers and therefore we are unable to guarantee opening times)

Ultimate Excel Bundle Course


The Greatest Succeed Package contains all the Microsoft company Succeed programs we offer and more! Our Company Research and Rotate Desk programs will take you to the next stage of Succeed magic and put your newfound abilities into daily use. Each course contains a course analytic to recognize your current knowledge holes and takes you to the right area of the course. All programs include certification in achievement and success. This course may be appropriate for people also in Retail store, Technological innovation, and Client Service.

Ultimate Excel Bundle Course

Who is it for?

Beginner to Innovative levels of Succeed User


Microsoft Excel: Cut Succeed down to size with our designed online course. Accomplish qualified expertise in time. Available in all significant PC and Mac editions.
We analyzed Excel’s 500 features, tough burning out all non-essentials, to appear in our extremely enhanced curriculum. Our analytic device then concentrates your time on those areas of that curriculum that will be most precious to you. Our consistently modified course created the properly healthy mixture of published text, cases, video clips and end-of-unit assessments to evaluate your improvement.


– Includes 38 business targeted Succeed designs from our distilled syllabus
– Contains 32 times of studying components but can be finished in as little as 12 times of devoted study
– Provides 24/7 access to all studying components from the date you register
– Is available in all the main editions of Succeed (PC: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 / 365; Mac: 2011)
– Produces a Certification of Attainment and a Test Certification (useful for CPD fulfillment)
– Is trained through a mixture of text-based articles, exercise excel spreadsheets, training video clips, and podcasts
– Comes with email support from our professionals.
Advanced Excel: Our CPD Certified Innovative Succeed course will take your Microsoft company Succeed capabilities to the next stage. It demystifies the most complicated areas of Succeed using published written text, screenshots, and 160 video clips. Available for PC editions 2007, 2010 and 2013.


– Includes 20 business targeted Innovative Succeed designs from our distilled syllabus
– Using advanced charts and demonstration strategies to increase impact
– How macros and VBA improve your excel spreadsheets and increase interactivity
– How superpower features can fix complicated problems
– Using PivotTables and PowerPivots to turn raw details into clear details that facilitates key decisions
Business Analysis: Learn to gather, analyze and prediction business and financial information to obtain useful ideas from business details. The course will also show you how to the variety of business details and gives details and analysis to customers and stakeholders.


– Over 20 time of studying material
– 60 professional worksheet designs that can be tailored to your perform.
– Hours of movie content such as movie summaries and screencasts, Methods and Techniques from a professional, Realistic workouts and Multiple-choice examining to standard progress
PivotTable Course: Microsoft company Succeed is an important and robust program for many companies. The PivotTable function is one of the most useful, extremely effective and misinterpreted features. PivotTables are absolutely not just about big details and huge companies. Although PivotTables can perform with very huge details places, they are just as useful for small companies trying to understand where their sales possibilities lie or for individuals working on their family financial situation or even their dream soccer teams.
This PivotTable course from Skillsology explains how to get these results quickly and gives and handle your results successfully. Using screenshots, movie illustrations, and workouts, you’ll soon be able to make the most out of your details, whether ‘Big’ or small, to further your online business or personal life.


– Get the main uses of PivotTables and when to use them
– Identify ‘best’ and ‘worst’ records in details sets
– Narrow, sort and team PivotTable details to increase its usefulness
– Existing your results clearly and compellingly using PivotCharts and Depending Formatting
– Personalize computations to make sure PivotTable details are designed to your requirements
– Use PivotTables to summarize details for control reports
– Interact with each other with PivotTables depending on OLAP cubes
– Use Slicers to synthesize and highlight details across several PivotTables
– Use PivotTables to develop entertaining dashboards


Microsoft Excel (PC: 2007, 2010 and 2013)

Functional Skills in English Course


What are Efficient Abilities and why are they essential, the credentials are used to create your job leads by using different ways in essential used skills in arithmetic, British and ICT – with a particular concentrate on problem-solving and being able to apply these skills successfully in real circumstances.

Functional Skills in English Course

So begin your course today get the skill-sets needed in the British Terminology, Maths, and ICT.

Please contact us for transaction choices of a Down payment and per month Payment plan
Functional Abilities are meant for anyone wanting to create their British, Mathematics or ICT skills. As well as being used to back up learners’ improvement towards GCSE.

Functional Abilities credentials are available across five levels (Entry 1 to Stage 2) and are designed in a wide array of college, group, and work-based configurations.

Who is it for?

This course is appropriate for anyone above the age of 14


Functional Abilities in English
Thank you for going to our page, you have come to the right place to learn Efficient Abilities in British.

Why are Efficient Abilities Important?

Functional Abilities in British is significant because it provides you with the skill-sets, information and which you need to advance and achieve an office. If you want to create your knowledge, skills, and data of British to enhance performance, then this is the course for you.

Why should I choose this course?

This course is available from Access 1 through to Stage 2; these credentials cover everything from the very fundamentals to the more complex skills. They are reinforced by some evaluation choices based on the specific certification taken and are designed to indicate the various needs of students. This course is provided On the internet, which means discover the convenience of your own house as and when if you prefer.
What you will get
  • Initial Assessment of your current degree of English
  • Access to learning components and resources
  • 24 Hour having accessibility to Instructor Support
  • On finalization an Efficient Abilities British (QCF) Certificate
A Stage 1 certification is equal to GCSE quality D-G level. A Stage 2 certification is equal to GCSE quality A*-C level.
The Efficient Abilities British course can be finished over Two months learning part-time, or previously based upon on your available efforts and how quickly you can process the information.
Learners will have this course for up to 6 months from the date of becoming a member of. There is the short amount of period restrict to complete the course during this period.
Once you have finished the course and are qualified in the amount you wish to acquire, you will be required to take an invigilated examination either at our center at no extra charge or an alternate location (Your House or Workplace!) with the only small additional fee of £100.00.
Next Steps:
On buying the course, you will be approached within two business days associate and will be given having accessibility to our Student Control Program or our On the internet Profile Program.
Be at least 14 Years of age
Career path

Functional Abilities credentials are meant to back up students as they search for to enhance their knowledge, numeracy and ICT skills.
Achieving these credentials should increase candidates’ assurance and inspiration, and the skill-sets they obtain will be useful in the office or any further learning.

What is yoga?

What is yoga? 

Yoga is an old kind of movement that spotlights on quality, flexibility, and breathing to bolster physical and mental thriving. The rule fragments of yoga are positions (a movement of advancements proposed to assemble quality and versatility) and unwinding. The practice started in India around 5,000 years earlier and has been balanced in various countries in an arrangement of ways. Yoga is at present run of the mill in unwinding centers, prosperity clubs, schools, specialist's offices and surgeries. 

What is yoga?

What are the restorative points of interest in yoga? 

Numerous exploratory trials of changing quality have been disseminated on yoga. While there's expansion for more intensive studies on its favorable medicinal circumstances, most studies propose yoga is an ensured and fruitful way to deal with augmentation physical activity, especially quality, flexibility, and balance. Some affirmation general yoga practice is productive for people with hypertension, coronary ailment, a throbbing, excruciating quality – including lower back anguish – distress and push. 

What is yoga?

Does yoga contribute towards my 150 minutes of development? 

Most sorts of yoga are not adequately strenuous to number towards your 150 minutes of moderate activity, as set out by government rules. Regardless, yoga considers a strengthening exercise, and no under two sessions a week will help you meet the principles of muscle-sustaining works out. Works out, for instance, yoga and kendo are moreover recommended to more settled adults at risk of tumbles to upgrade evening out and co-arrangement. 
Could yoga foresee falls? 
Yes. Yoga improves equality by strengthening your lower body, particularly your lower legs and knees, in this way reducing your chances of falling. Nevertheless, falls may here and there be brought on by a prosperity condition, in which case it's a shrewd thought to see your GP or visit a falls focus at an adjacent recuperating office. 

Could yoga help with joint aggravation? 

Yoga is standard with people with joint aggravation for its sensitive technique for propelling flexibility and quality. Some examination prescribes yoga can lessen torment and conveyability issues in people with knee osteoarthritis. In any case, some yoga moves aren't sensible for people with the condition. Find a teacher who fathoms joint agony and can change improvements for individual needs, especially in case you have substitution joints. Check with an expert or physiotherapist to see whether there are any improvements to avoid. 

Am I too much old for yoga? 

Verifiably not. People every now and again start yoga in their 70s, and various say they wish they had started sooner. There are yoga classes for every age bundle. Yoga is a sort of movement that can be taken pleasure in from puberty to your moved years. 
Should I be fit to do yoga? 
No, you can join a class that is sensible for your wellbeing level. Case in point, to join a mixed limit yoga class, you ought to have the ability to get all over from the floor. Some yoga classes are seat based. 

Don't I ought to be versatile to do yoga? 

Not really. Yoga will upgrade your versatility and help you go past your common extent of advancement, which may make playing out you are consistent practices less difficult. 
Will I hurt myself doing yoga? 
Yoga-related injuries are extraordinary. A couple wounds can be brought on by repetitive strain or overstretching. Regardless, yoga is the same as whatever another movement discipline. It is perfectly shielded if taught honestly to goodness by people who understand it and have experience. Picking up from a qualified yoga instructor and picking a class appropriate for your level will promise you remain harm free. 

What style of yoga would it be prudent for me to do? 

There are an extensive variety of styles of yoga, for instance, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Sivananda. A couple styles are fiercer than others. Some may have a substitute domain of complement, for instance, position or unwinding. Various yoga teachers develop their own practice by concentrate more than one style. No style is basically ideal or more genuine over whatever other. The key is to pick a class reasonable for your wellbeing level. 

What sort of class would it be a smart thought for me to pay uncommon personality to? 

Classes can change in term, however regularly last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. A more drawn outflank will give you more open door for learning to breathe and loosening up methodologies, and will give the teacher time to work with your individual limit. It justifies tending to a teacher about their strategy before you consent to class.

How to Fight Summer Brain Drain

For most schoolchildren, the price paid out for “fun in the sun” about the summertime college crack is important studying loss. To counteract this, dad and mom have to present options for his or her children to continue to go through and do math throughout the summer season months. A technique to stop summer months understanding decline is usually to enroll in a supplemental education plan (likeKUMON!) and make math and looking through applying a part of the daily summertime plan.

How to Fight Summer Brain Drain

While pupils really need to have some fun in the summer months, making use of their academic capabilities for even a brief time period day after day will protect against them from the summertime understanding reduction that plagues numerous in their classmates. Here are several strategies to help you develop a learning environment that is the aspect of the child’s summertime routine:

1. Read for satisfaction through the summer season - favored authors, easy-to-read textbooks, publications, plays, poetry.

2. Read through books for your impending college 12 months (question your child’s teacher for solutions.)

3. Generate performs and tales and share them with friends and family members.

4. Stop by the library weekly and make good friends along with the librarian, who may have a wealth of data to share about publications. (Most libraries also offer you summertime studying courses for kids.)

5. Get exercise guides and do age-appropriate mind teasers, crossword puzzles, or Suduko.

6. Be artistic with math. Generate equations/problems on large surfaces utilizing finger paints, dry erase markers or washable chalk.

7. Be described as a part design for finding out. Permit your son or daughter “catch” you reading; be aware how you use math in the course of the day-in cooking, balancing the checkbook, figuring out gas mileage-and really encourage your sons or daughters to estimate as well as you.

8. Make initiatives: have your son or daughter help strategy your holiday vacation time, whether it's each day journey or a two-week holiday break; investigate and read textbooks concerning the destination; use resources, like the library, the net; figure out simply how much the visits would expense, which includes fuel, entertainment, resorts, foods, and instructions.

Why Reading Is So Important

In today's Tuesday Tip, we have linked to a great article that provides some Tips to Help Children Develop Strong Reading Habits.

Why Reading Is So Important

Examining is surely a crucial talent that should be produced in kids. The greater youngsters browse, the better they develop into at examining. It's so simple as that. The greater fulfilling the factors they browse are, the more they'll adhere to them and build the studying abilities that they will require to reach their real opportunity. The greater younger small children are read through to, the increased their curiosity in mastering looking through. Looking at out loud exposes little ones to right grammar and phrasing. It improves the development of their spoken language expertise, their capability to specific on their own verbally.

Reading, through publications, publications or websites, exposes kids to new vocabulary. Even if they don't realize each individual new word, they take in a little something from the context that could deepen their idea of it the subsequent time the word is encountered. When dad and mom browse aloud to kids, the kids also listen to suitable pronunciation because they begin to see the phrases to the website, even when they can not nonetheless browse the terms on their own. The list below is five wonderful reasons why looking through is very important!
  1. Reading help children develop vital language skills
  2. Reading can easily opened fresh sides and improve childrens lives.
  3. Reading can enhance children's social skills.
  4. Reading can improve hand-eye coordination.
  5. Reading can perform youngsters with an abundance of excellent, clean up enjoyable!

There are many ways in which reading through proceeds for being equally a significant ability for kids to grasp and a significant source of knowledge and enjoyment that can last a lifetime. Nurture it with your small children. Make the most of all of the sources which might be obtainable and looking forward to you: printed books, online guides, journals as well as the online. Encourage follow-up pursuits involving inventive writing capabilities along with the arts, also, to ensure your sons or daughters can replicate on or grow on what they've absorbed and, on the exact same time, create their own personal creativeness. When you help your children value the magic of looking through, you will find that there's an entire excellent entire world filled with kid's literature out there which you could love much too.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

This characteristic distinguishes CEP from AP, A-Level, and IB, in which recognition for college-level achievement is determined by performance on a standardized test.

What is concurrent enrollment?

In support of these programs, the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) has established Flagship Education believes the CEP model represents an excellent vehicle for extending the reach of college-level training to a broader human population associated with college-bound high school students In support of these programs, the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) has established national standards for the integrity and quality of CEP.   Flagship Education, in alliance with university providers, ensures that the quality of overseas CEP programs is aligned with the participating university and NACEP standards.

NACEP has established a nationally recognized screen for colleges and universities by accrediting CEP that meets specific superior principles. These types of principles consist of needing that programs training program offered by high schools are on a regular basis educated at the partnering organizations of upper education and learning, including college or university and university faculty to make sure content coverage and instructing high quality by providing continued professional development for the CEP teachers. NACEP standards serve as a screen for institutions of higher education to award college recognition of CEP earned university credits in a routine and efficient manner.